Tamron lens compatibility


Updating firmware and customizing various lens functions is as easy as connecting the TAP-in Console with a USB cable and making selections.

Visit Online Help. You can update firmware of selected Tamron lenses using this utility. Additionally, the firmware in the TAP-in Console unit can be updated as needed. Using an internet connection and the utility software, you can access a dedicated website and easily confirm that the lens attached to the TAP-in Console—and the Console itself—have the most up-to-date firmware. If a newer version is available, updating is quick and secure. Various lens functions can be customized, depending on the lens model and built-in features.

Focus can be adjusted in three distance regions: close, intermediate, and far ranges. For zoom lenses with variable focal length ranges, adjustments can be made for up to eight segments, which means that focus adjustment for a combined total of up to 24 regions is possible. Fixed-focal length lenses have only one segment, so customization for the three distance regions is possible. For lenses equipped with a Focus Limiter switch, it is possible to adjust the autofocus drive range by setting the near and far limits according to your preferences.

If the Focus Limiter switch has three positions, setting the middle position is also possible. Only lens models equipped with the Focus Limiter function can be adjusted. The conditions and range of possible adjustments may differ according to the lens model. In addition, you can optimize the sensitivity of the focus ring to your preference relative to its angular rotation anywhere between High and Low, when setting the manual focus mode menu button to ON.

Initial firmware update by Tamron service facility is required to enable compatibility with the TAP-in Console. For details please visit here. Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc. This software program operates on a computer satisfying the following conditions.

Using the new accessory and an internet connection, you can access a dedicated website and update firmware by yourself in anytime, anywhere. In addition, selected lenses can be customized by changing various settings to match your preferences based on how you like to use the lens, making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

Updating Firmware. Customization of Selected Tamron Lenses. Focus adjustment. Focus distance limiter customization. VC adjustment only for any lenses with VC. Full-time Manual Focus override customization.Remember Me?

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Click here. Posts: 5. Tamron lenscompatibility with digital Pentax body. Is there a digital Pentax SLR body you would recommend that will accept this lens without compromising functionality?

Photos: Gallery Albums. Posts: 17, However, there are some exceptions to this rule, including limitations with certain lenses. It's always a good idea to check before buying a lens. This tool lets you check the compatibility of your Pentax digital camera with any Pentax lens or any current third-party lens. Type a partial name to see suggestions. See also: Lens Search Camera Database.

tamron lens compatibility

Posts: 49, If you want the same field of view, then you'll of course want to for the K Adam PentaxForums. You can help cover these costs by donating.Tamron has issued another batch of firmware updates for three of its Nikon F-mount lenses, making them compatible with the Nikon Z7 and FTZ adapter.

Tamron notes the firmware for the three following lenses will make 'general operations' possible when using them on the Nikon Z7 when using Nikon's FTZ adapter:. The lens es firmware can be updated with the optional TAP-in Console sold by Tamron or sent into Tamron to be updated by calling and selecting option one.

Future lens compatibility updates will be posted on the Tamron support page. November 22,Saitama, Japan — Tamron Co. The new firmware versions make the three models compatible with Nikon Z7 and FTZ adapter for general operations.

The lens firmware can be updated with the separately sold TAP-in Console. I got 4 tamron lenses for THE f mount. With the f2z adapter all of them work, but 3 of the 4 are g1 or older series. The newest one the, 35mm f1.

Tamron newer line the g2 or so must have something different. Definitely good news, especially considering all the conspiracy theorists that whined about Sony stopping Tamron from doing exactly what they've done. Dear Tamron. Forget about baby Z and make more lenses for Sony FE. This is where money is at the moment.

We need similar quality and price as f2 for new 2. While you at it: would also be great :. Why would they limit their market to Sony users? They should be making lens designs to account for all mount specifications, and then selling it in the different said mounts. Like Sigma did with it's APS-C emount lenses for m43 even though the focal lengths didnt make sense for m43 and were bigger than needed to be.

I don't want Tamron to make lenses only for Sony.

tamron lens compatibility

Let it make lenses for anybody interested. Nikon got greedy with Z mount,has closed mount standards and want to be only one player in town making lenses for its mirrorless cameras. Let it have it. In meantime Sony have opened standards form day one. I just want Tamron to redesign 2. Nikon has never released the specs for their lens mount for free, they are an optical company who makes a good percentage of their money from selling lens.

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That would be stupid and the board of directors who have a financial obligation to stockholders would never approve such a thing. Nor should they.

tamron lens compatibility

Companies who wish to, can reverse engineer. Nikon has a road map, and by next year, will have the pro trio released.

Nikon also makes available the FTZ which makes over pro lenses fully compatible with the Z, not to mention the rest of the catalog that give some level of compatibility.

Nikon has certainly hit the ground running with this release. Unless, of course, working openly with third party lens manufacturers actually provides some kind of competitive advantage over primary competitors in the market.

A strong historical test case would be Microsoft's dominance over Apple in terms of actual market share - because they made the decision that their real business was in software publishing, not computer manufacture.The firmware applies to six lenses from the Di and Di ll ranges, and allows the following lenses to be used with the cameras via the Nikon FTZ adapter:. This latest announcement appears to come after tests have confirmed that the same firmware also works when the lenses are mounted on the Z6.

For more information see the Tamron support pages.

The Exterior

For a list of Tamron distributors, click here. For other models, once we confirm the compatibility with Nikon Z7 and FTZ adapter, we will announce the models sequentially at our support website. Tamron, please issue FW upgrades for ! Currently it cannot work normally with Z7, I've tried. I'll even be ready to pay for the upgrade in a service center as it is not compatible with USB dock.

If optically as G2 and decent quality i'd be the first to buy it. I'll wait months, if that won't happen, i just get Sony f4. In Ireland Sony 2. Either way it is super expensive. I'd only get it if i needed it for business but just for myself i can't justify to spend that much. What I really want is that my Tamron could work with Z7. I've tried, it's not working properly. Please, Tamron, make an adapter ot update FW via service centers or something like that Or maybe issue an updated Now the second article which tells no news at all, it gets boring.

Tamron tries to stay in the headlines. What's so different between the and the ? One got an update last September, the other still nothing after three months. No Tamron, I don't understand, ask someone else. Too bad the Gen 1 lenses can't be updated with the dock I own two of the Gen 1 lenses, the f2. I have recently bought the gen 1 2.Check out this super video here by renowned, award winning bird photographer Kristofer Rowe Photography, featuring the new Tamron SPmm G2 and 1.

The SP mm G2 includes three LD Low Dispersion lens elements which completely eliminate axial and transverse chromatic aberrations. It also features upgraded optical construction 21 elements in 13 groups. So even when taking a backlit or semi-backlit photograph, ghosting and flare caused by reflected light are fully eliminated.

AF speed is significantly improved from current model, and it enables accurate high-speed focus even when capturing moving subjects. When shooting with AF, the Full-time Manual Focus override allows you to instantly make fine focusing adjustments manually, without having to switch between modes.

The VC Vibration Compensation effectiveness is equivalent to 4. Model A now has three types of VC modes, and it is possible to choose the optimum VC mode according to the situation for taking a photograph, such as when wishing to pan the camera. The improved VC minimizes blurring caused by slight camera movement, which is prevalent with long telephoto lenses and even more troublesome with higher-resolution cameras. VC enhances the freedom of hand-held shooting at slower shutter speeds required by low-light conditions such as dusk.

VC MODE 1 is the standard mode that strikes a great balance between the stability of the viewfinder image and the stabilization effects. VC MODE 3 prioritizes the stabilization of the captured images and forgoes the stabilization of the viewfinder image. Choose the viewfinder view of either Standard or viewfinder image priority. Photographers can shoot from any angle without the zoom extending unintentionally. Additionally, the customary Zoom Lock switch prevents unwanted barrel extension during transportation.

The lens hood with smooth curves that fit the lens barrel has a design that allows for its easy attachment and removal. While using metal as the exterior material and adding numerous new functions such as the FLEX ZOOM LOCK mechanism, the SP mm G2 achieves a size and weight making comfortable handheld shooting possible, with a slim and stylish appearance design to top it all off. Two optional teleconverters, which match the optics of the new SP mm G2, offer 1. These new teleconverters extend focal length of the master lens, making it possible to take pictures in farther ultra-telephoto ranges.

The lens delivers high contrast, sharp and clear images. The front surface of the lens element is coated with a protective fluorine compound that is water- and oil-repellant. The lens surface is easier to wipe clean and is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of dirt, dust, moisture and fingerprints.This camera lacks a built-in auto focus motor. Because of this the lenses that also lack a built-in auto focus motor will not be listed and included in the different categories below since these combinations will force you to use manual focus.

If the lens only supports manual focus it will be listed since it then doesn't matter if the camera has a built-in auto focus motor or not. Read more here. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly which lenses that works with a certain camera model.

Here at Lensora. All lenses listed at this page work together with this camera model. Below you will find the most popular lenses for this camera but there is one tab for each kind of lens telephoto, macro lens etc where you find the lenses divided into three different price segments, so you can find the right lens for you and your budget.

For lenses in this category, see the actual tab above. Cheaper alternatives Aperture Focal Length? No lenses were found in this category. Mid-range Aperture Focal Length?

Does the Nikon Z7 work with your Tamron Lenses?

For the professionals Aperture Focal Length? Quick Search. Show the most recently added lenses Most recently added reviews Most recently added picture samples. Search Lens. Fun Facts.

tamron lens compatibility

What others are watching. Love is in the air? About Lensora.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Third parties, like Sigma and Tamron, make things even more confusing. They also make lenses that come with a choice of mount.

You can get a Sigma for either Canon or Nikon cameras. The EF mount was introduced by Canon in Since the sensor is smaller, the lenses can also be smaller and lighter. EF and EF-S lenses can be used with an adapter. Unlike Canon, Nikon only has one lens mount: the F-mount, which was introduced in There are, however, still a few complications.

There are lenses available for each that use the F-mount. FX lenses are designed to work with the larger FX sensor. They also use the F-mount so you can use them with your DX cameras as well.

Nikon also has a mirrorless mount: the Nikon 1 mount. Nikon 1 lenses can only be used with Nikon 1 cameras, although F-mount lenses can be used with an adapter. Any third-party lens designed for Nikon cameras will use the F-mount, though some might be designed just for DX cameras. Confusingly, these lenses are called AF lenses. These are all entry-level DX models. You can still use AF lenses on them, however you will need to manually focus them. Camera and lens standards have changed and developed as new technologies have evolved.

Camera gear, however, can last along time. Most lenses from the 90s will work on modern Canon cameras and some lenses from the 70s will work on Nikon cameras. Image Credits: A. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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